Friday, 2 June 2017

I have a new toy

I'm going into hospital next Friday for surgery on my right hand; this will be the first of two sets of surgery to fix my thumbs. I could be incapacitated for months so I decided to give myself an incentive to speed my recovery... in the form a new pocket-sized camera. I'm certainly looking forward to the day when I can get a DSLR back in my hands, but until then I'll be using this:

This dinky little chap is a Canon G9 X. It's not the latest in Canon's stable by any means, but when it comes to pocket-cameras it is certainly one of the most versatile and best.

The various available modes will allow me to shoot in fully automatic, semi-automatic, programmed and fully manual modes, as well as shooting high-quality 1080p full HD video for those occasions when only moving images will do.

There's a lot of technology in this little package and I expect to have a lot of fun with it. ­čśë